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Proportional Solenoid: A Comprehensive Guide

The definition In a hydraulic control system, the most important controlled variables are pressure and flow. To control the above-mentioned parameters, the basic measure is to control the flow resistance. At present, the technologically feasible way to control flow resistance is to indirectly realize electro-hydraulic conversion via an electro-mechanical device. This device transforms the input [...]

Connecting Methods of Solenoid Valve Review

Connecting methods of solenoid valve include gasket-mounted, direct-mounted, Integrated and flanged connection. The gasket-mounted connection is easy to disassemble. There is no need to disassemble the pipe in the maintenance, which is important for complex gas path system. The direct-mounted connection is mostly applied to the simple gas path system or the system equipped with [...]

The Differences Between Solenoid And Magnet

Both of solenoid and magnet are devices with magnetic force. But what’s the difference between solenoid and magnet? In the following article, we will show you a basic analysis between solenoids and magnets. Introduction of Magnets Magnet, aka permanent magnet, is a type of lodestone that can absorb iron materials. This type of adsorption can [...]

Hydraulic Solenoid troubleshooting | Hydraulic Solenoid Burn Out

Hydraulic solenoid is the actuator of hydraulic valves, different hydraulic valves use different hydraulic solenoids, such as on-off solenoid for directional control valves, proportional solenoid for hydraulic proportional valves, etc. During the operation of hydraulic solenoid valve, hydraulic solenoid is the easiest damaged part of the complete hydraulic valve assembly. And among all different hydraulic [...]

How to Use Explosion-proof Solenoid | Explosion-proof Solenoid Instruction

Kaidi DTBZ series explosion-proof solenoid is a hydraulic solenoid product which is specially designed for mining industry with flameproof Exd I Mb environment and chemical industry with flameproof Exd II CT4 environment. Kaidi Explosion proof solenoid has been widely applied in the control components with explosion proof requirements, such as the directional control valves of hydraulic systems in [...]

Hydraulic Solenoid Design Features

In the following articles, we will discuss the design features of hydraulic solenoid. As a main actuator for hydraulic valve and hydraulic pumps, hydraulic solenoid is a basic electrical component which has been mass supplied in hydraulic industry. What is Hydraulic Solenoid Hydraulic solenoid is a special type of electromagnetic solenoid which has been mainly [...]

More about Explosion-Proof Solenoid

Solenoid is an application of the current magnetic effect (electromagnetism), which is closely linked to our lives. As we all know, solenoid is agriculture, chemical industry and other fields. Common types of solenoid include on-off solenoid, proportional solenoid, etc. Explosion proof solenoid is another typical application among all kinds of solenoid. Along with automation in [...]

On-off Solenoid VS Proportional Solenoid | Hydraulic Solenoid Comparison

From the application range of hydraulic valves, you can find out that, there are so many different industries that have something to do with hydraulic valves. It is a basic control component of every hydraulic system or hydraulic equipment. In order to operate the machines smoothly and safely, the performance of hydraulic valves and hydraulic [...]

Something About Hydraulic Solenoid Maintenance

For hydraulic system or hydraulic equipment, hydraulic solenoids are the basic elements that create a force to pull the valve spool to control the direction, pressure, and flow of hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic solenoids, also known as the solenoid for hydraulic valves. In hydraulic control systems, hydraulic solenoid is a connecting link between the preceding and [...]

4 Quick Tips Regarding Solenoid

The solenoid usually install in the solenoid valve for controlling air, fluid and pressure. Solenoid is used to handle paths and it can be removed from the valve. How does a solenoid work? When solenoid is powered, it will create electromagnetic force and attracts moveable core. Once power is interrupted, magnetic field will disappear and [...]

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