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How to Maintain the Solenoids

A solenoid brake is a connector that transmits the torque from the active side to the passive side and can be freely combined, cut or braken as needed. Due to the use of electromagnetic force to move, said electromagnetic clutch, brake, with a quick response, simple structure and other advantages, is widely used in mechanical [...]

Several Suggestions on Improving Displacement-force Feature of the Proportional Solenoid (2)

The proportional solenoid is the core component of the proportional valve. The important difference between it and the ordinary solenoid is that the former has a horizontal displacement-force characteristic. Around this characteristic, a lot of proportional solenoid structure schemes have been tested and analyzed. On this basis, we did some summarizations on these important factors [...]

Several Suggestions on Improving Displacement-force Feature of the Proportional Solenoid

The proportional solenoid is an electricity-machinery conversion device of the electro-hydraulic proportional control element. Its function is to convert the current signal outputted by the proportional control amplifier into force or displacement. The proportional solenoid has the characteristics of large thrust, simple structure, low requirements for oil cleanliness, convenient maintenance and low cost. It is [...]

The Introduction to Solenoid Valve Malfunctions Caused by Solenoid

As we know, solenoid valve mainly consists of the solenoid and magnetic core. The electromagnetic component of the solenoid valve is composed of the fixed iron core, moving iron core and coil, and the valve body is usually composed of the slide valve core, slide valve sleeve and spring base. When the solenoid coil is [...]

Analysis of the Difference and Application of the Modern Hydraulic Servo Valve and the Proportional Valve

At present, the modern hydraulic servo valve and proportional valve, as important control components in the hydraulic system, respectively represent the development status of the hydraulic servo technology and the proportional technology. Their appearance makes the hydraulic system and the modern electronic technology combine organically and makes a great contribution to the sustainable development of [...]

The Introduction to An Energy-saving Proportional Solenoid Valve

According to researches, we find that installing a three-way pressure compensation valve and an overflow valve on the proportional reversing valve can not only greatly improve its response frequency, making the hydraulic system has a strong ability to resist load changes, but also reduce the energy loss of the hydraulic system during flow regulation, making [...]

A Low-cost Proportional Solenoid Valve Control System

The process control system can be divided into two categories according to the type of actuator: continuous control system and switch control system. The actuators of the continuous control system are mainly pneumatic regulating valve and electric regulating valve. The actuator of the switch control system is solenoid valve. In general, solenoid valves can only [...]

Application of Proportional Solenoid in Cartridge Solenoid Valve

The traditional cartridge solenoid valve is a kind of switch solenoid valve, which is often used to control the direction of the fluid under the on and off two states. When power is connected, the electromagnetic force generated by the solenoid coil separates the valve core from the seat, the oil inlet and control inlet [...]

Kaidi Solenoid Achieves The Third Class Award Of Industry Technology Progress

Recently, China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association presents the awarded items of 2017 Industry Technology Progress. The water-proof solenoid for engineering machinery MFZ12-37YC (CD) of Kaidi solenoid achieves the third class award of Industry Technology Progress. Among all winners, Anyang KaiDi Electromagnetic Technology Co.,ltd is the only hydraulic solenoid manufacturer from China. The water-proof solenoid [...]

Visit Kaidi at PTC ASIA 2017 in Shanghai

Exhibition information: Event: PTC ASIA 2017 Official website: Booth: Hall E3, D6-2 Date of event: 31 Oct. - 3 Nov. 2017 Kaidi at PTC ASIA 2015