All About Solenoid

The solenoid is a device that can generate a magnetic force through a current. It is a non-permanent magnet that can be easily activated or eliminated magnetically. As we all know, the solenoid is made up of solenoid coil and iron core. When current is passed through the wire, a magnetic field is created around [...]

Everything About Solenoid And How To Increase Its Suction Force

The solenoid valve can be divided into the AC solenoid valve and DC solenoid valve according to its power supply, using AC solenoid and DC solenoid respectively. As we know, the solenoid is mainly composed of solenoid coil and solenoid tube assembly. With the power on and power off of the solenoid coil, the movement [...]

Application of Proportional Solenoids in Electro-hydraulic Proportional Control Field

Proportional solenoid is an important electro-mechanical converter An electro-mechanical converter is one of the key components of an electro-hydraulic proportional valve. Its function is to convert the amplified input signal current into a mechanical quantity proportionally. The proportional solenoid is one of the most important ones. The function of the proportional solenoid is to convert [...]

How Is Solenoid Widely Used In Our Life

The solenoid is a device that generates electromagnetism by electrifying. It mainly consists of armature core, solenoid tube and solenoid coil. The coil is usually wound around the outside of the core. When the armature core is inserted inside the electrified solenoid tube, it will be magnetized by the field of the electrified solenoid tube, [...]

A Full Guide Of Proportional Solenoid

The proportional solenoid is the most widely used electrical and mechanical conversion components that convert output signals into mechanical quantities. The proportional solenoid is mainly composed of an armature, a guide sleeve, a pole piece, a casing, a solenoid coil, a push rod and etc. The proportional solenoid is designed according to the Faraday electromagnetic [...]

The Differences between Electric Valve and Solenoid Valve

Both the electric valve and solenoid valve are important executive components in industrial pipe control, which are widely used in various industries, but what’s the difference between the solenoid valve and electric valve? In the following article, we will show you a basic analysis between the solenoid valve and electric valve. Introduction of the Electric [...]

Do You Really Know Solenoid?

The solenoid plays an important role in the industry. It is a basic electrical appliance, known as the "king of electric appliances". The continuous development of the magnet and iron removal equipment market and the intensification of competition, users have higher requirements on both the quality and production efficiency. In order to improve the quality [...]

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Proportional Solenoid

The process control system can be divided into two categories according to the type of actuator: continuous control system and switch control system. The actuator of the continuous control system is mainly the pneumatic control valve and the electric control valve. The actuator of the switch control system is mainly the solenoid valve. It is [...]

How to Buy The Cost-effective Solenoid Valve?

The solenoid valve is the common actuator of the industrial control system. The function of the solenoid valve is controls the medium of the system. The solenoid valve handles the switch of machines by turning the electromagnetic force into mechanical force. Due to the advantages of the small area, reliability, light weight, easy running, convenient [...]

What’s the Difference Between Plug-in Type and Lead Type Solenoid Valve?

Looking for a suitable solenoid valve for your hydraulic system? As we all know, the solenoid valve is an automatic basic part for control the fluid. According to the applications, solenoid valve can be divided into on-off solenoid valve, proportional solenoid valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve, water-proof solenoid valve and etc. For different uses, hydraulic solenoid [...]