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hydraulic solenoids for Rexroth on-off valves

As the power element of hydraulic directional control valves, the hydraulic solenoid is mostly used for hydraulic solenoid valves. Hydraulic solenoid for Rexroth on-off solenoid valves is specially designed for Rexroth directional control valve size 6 and 10 (also called NG6/ NG10). According to the power system, on-off solenoids from KaiDi are wet AC/DC solenoid. AC type is applicable to AC 50Hz power system. DC type is used for the single-phase full-wave rectifier power system. Our Rexroth on-off solenoid is permitted by Bosch Company from Germany.

Rexroth valve

As the name suggested, Rexroth on-off solenoid is used to control the Rexroth solenoid directional valve. Solenoid is the key part of solenoid directional valve, when solenoid is powered, magnetic force is created, and push valve core to control the on-off position of valve. By different application, Rexroth offers a full line of directional (spool and poppet), proportional, pressure, flow, check, logic cartridges, “sandwich” (modular), and cartridge type valves.

Advantages of Rexroth on-off solenoid

  • Customization service: we provide customization service for every client. Our Rexroth on-off solenoid specializes in size, connector, power system (AC & DC) customization.
  • Production experience: we have rich experience in Rexroth solenoid production, our solenoid have been exported to 20 countries. the average annual total production reached to 6 million pieces.
  • Technical support: our technology of Rexroth on-off solenoid is recognized from Bosch.
  • Quality control: we have strict control over solenoid processing and inspection. Advanced production machines and inspection machines are available, in the solenoid production, every process is strictly controlled and tested to ensure quality.

Hydraulic Solenoid for Rexroth On-Off Solenoid Valves Catalogue

MFZ12-YC Wet valve solenoid  Rexroth Solenoid Actuator MFZ12-YC-dc-wet 12/24/110/220 25/37/90 2.8/2.8/4 6.1/9 21 26/30/36  
MFZ12A-YC Wet valve solenoid 12/24/110/220 37/90 2.8/4 6.1/9 21 30/36  
MFZ12B-37YC Wet valve solenoid   24/110 30 5 5.1 21 30
MFZ12C-37YC Wet  valve solenoid   24 90 1.2 2.5 21 30  
MFJ12-YC Wet valve solenoid    110/220 27/54 2.8/4 6.1/9 21  
MFJ12A-YC Wet valve solenoid    110/220 27 2.8 6 21  
MFZ6-YC Wet valve solenoid    12/24/110/220 22/37/90 2.8/3.6 6.1/7.8 16/21 30/35  
MFJ6-YC Wet valve solenoid    110/220 18/27/54 2.8/3.6 6.1/7.8 10/16  
MFB6-YC Wet valve solenoid 110/220 22/37/90 2.8/3.6 6.1/7.8 16/21 30/35  

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