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Voltage, also called potential difference, is the physical quantity for measuring energy domain of unit charge produced by the different potential in the static electric field. The voltage direction is the direction from high to low voltage. The system international unit for voltage is volt or V for short, the common unit includes mV, μV, and kV, etc.

Before we discuss the voltage for the solenoid valve, we should learn what is the solenoid? The solenoid valve is the actuator is controlled by the electromagnetism. As we all know, the solenoid valve is controlled by the solenoid coil, the voltage for solenoid coil has two types of AC and DC. The common voltage for solenoid valve includes AC12V, 24V, 110V, 220V, and DC 24V, 48V, etc. There are many different voltage types in every country around the world.

Voltage for solenoid valve list

For most countries, indoor electricity adopt 220~230V voltage due to the advantages of high-voltage, such as power saving, high thermal efficiency, and etc.

  • 110V: Japan, North Korea;
  • 110~130v: UK, German, France, China, Singapore, Hong Kong(200V), Italy, Spanish, Philippine, Thailand, Norse land, India, New Zealand, Australia;

Tip1: Sometimes, the countries who use 220~230V also require 110~130V simultaneously, such as Sweden and Russia.

Country/ State Single-phase voltage (volts) Three-phase Voltage (volts) Frequency (hertz)
Argentina 220V 380V 50Hz
Brazil 110/220V 380/460V 60Hz
Canada 120/240V 208/240V 60Hz
Mexico 127/220V 220V 60Hz
United States 120/240V 208/240V 60Hz
Australia/New Zealand 240/415V 415V 50Hz
Hong Kong 120/220V 220V 50Hz
India 230V 50Hz
Indonesia 230V 380V 50Hz
Japan 100/200V 200V 50Hz
Korea 220V 380V 60Hz
Malaysia 220-240V 50Hz
Philippine 220V 60Hz
Singapore 230V 440V 50Hz
Taiwan 110/220V 220V 50Hz
Thailand 220V 380V 50Hz
Vietnam 120/220V 220V 50Hz
Denmark 230V 380V 50Hz
Finland 230V 380V 50Hz
German 230V 380V 50Hz
Hungary 230V 380V 50Hz
Lithuania 230V 380V 50Hz
Poland 230V 380V 50Hz
Slovak Republic 230V 380V 50Hz
Slovenia 230V 380V 50Hz
Sweden 230V 380V 50Hz
Czech Republic 230V 380V 50Hz
Croatia 230V 380V 50Hz
Norse land 230V 380V 50Hz
Switzerland 230V 380V 50Hz
Ukraine 230V 380V 50Hz
Russia 230V 380V 50Hz


Common problems caused by voltage shortage

For all electrical equipment, there is a rated voltage for them. In the applications, it is unavoidable to work under the voltage that is bigger or less than the rated voltage. Generally, working voltage is limited to ±15% of rated voltage. If the voltage is less than -15% of rated voltage, we called this situation voltage shortage. What will happen when the voltage shortage appeared?

  • Solenoid valve have pull-in problem, and if the problem continues too much time, the solenoid valve will be burnt out;
  • Jitter, noise, abnormal on-off switch, higher currents;
  • For ac solenoid, two irons cannot connect, and keep on-state for a long time;
  • For dc solenoid, solenoid coil will raise temperature and be broken;


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