Anyang KaiDi Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd is located in Anyang of China. Our company was founded in 1949, and covers an area of 27000m2, with the construction area of 13000m2. After more than 60 years of developments, our products have increased to more than 1000 models, and there are four main types between them: Hydraulic solenoid for on-off valve, proportional solenoid, explosion-proof solenoid, and displacement sensor. Up to now, our production capacity can reach 6 million pieces per year. In addition, our company has obtained the certifications of ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system, GB/T28001 occupational health and safety manamgement system, and CE and UL product certification, class I and class II explosion-proof products certifications.

Our leading products are the wet DC solenoid, wet AC solenoid, proportional solenoid, explosion-proof solenoid, special solenoid, displacement sensors and etc. Hydraulic solenoid,  which is mainly equipped with solenoid directional control valve, is one of the key basic parts of the equipment manufacturing, and widely used in engineering machinery, plastic machinery, CNC machine tools, metallurgy, textile, railway transportation, engineering machinery, electric power, petrochemical, aerospace, war industry, water conservancy and other equipment fields where the accurate control is required.

At present, we are the leader in term of technology, manufacturing scale, detection means and the brand position, and our leading products have won the title of famous brand products in Henan. We are in charge of the drafting of 5 industry standards and has obtained more than 10 patents. The enterprise technology center and provincial engineering search and development center founded in our company lays a solid foundation for the development and technological precedence of the company. Our company has the advanced high precision CNC machine, PLC plastic packaging machine, automatic coil winding machine and various solenoid property tester, resistant oil pressure test station with high pressure, IP protection grade tester and etc, such the equipment and tester provides the reliable quality assurance for products. The “high-end electromagnetic products” was listed as the national special technical project.

Advanced processing equipment

solenoid factory view solenoid processing coil winding station solenoid processing machines

solenoid quality testing solenoid quality testing hydraulic solenoid testing solenoid quality standards