The screw-in type solenoid is always used together with the proportional control amplifier in the hydraulic system. Kaidi screw-in type solenoid can be used with different brands of valve, such as Rexroth (NG6 directional valve, NG 10 directional valve), Yuken, etc. There are four threaded holes at one end of the solenoid. The screw-in solenoid is connected by four bolts from the valve via the four holes.

screw-in solenoids

The features of screw-in solenoid:

  • Can be mounted in any direction.
  • Suitable for continuous work and periodical work.
  • The reasonable fluctuation range of voltage is 85%-110%.
  • The housing protection grade is IP65.

Main technical parameters:

Model MFJ6-54YC
 Rated Voltage (V)  110, 220
 Power frequency (HZ)  50
 Rated force (N)  27
 Rated stroke (mm)  2.8
 Total stroke (mm)  ≥6.1
 Static oil pressure (Mpa)  16
 volt-ampere on starting (VA)  ≤200
 volt-ampere on working  ≤46
 Operat frequency (T/h)  12000


Force-stroke characteristic curve:

screw-in solenoid force-stroke characteristic curve

The outer & installation dimension:

outer and installation dimension for screw-in solenoid

Notice of usage:

  • The socket of screw-in solenoid complies with ISO4400 standard. The indicator light is optional as per the client’s requirement.
  • When the solenoids are used for two directions, make sure they are not electrified simultaneously, otherwise, the solenoids won’t work properly.
  • It is strongly suggested that an overcurrent protection device is set at the connection of the electric control system and the solenoid.