The threaded type proportional solenoid is applied in the hydraulic control system. It is specially designed to match the Rexroth proportional valve of both NG6 and NG10 size.

threaded type solenoids

threaded type solenoids

The threaded solenoid models and the Rexroth valves matched model:

valves model matched   solenoid model
4WRA6-2× GP516-S-F R2Ωln2.5A
4WRAE6-2× GP516-S-A R2Ωln2.5A
3DREP GP516-S-D R5Ωln1 .5A
3DREPE GP516-S-B R2Ωln2.5A
4WRE6-2× GP516-S-E R2Ωln2.5A
4WREE6-2× GP516-S-C R2.7Ωln2.5A
4WRA 10-2X GP63-S-A R2Ωln3.3A
WRAE10-2X GP63-S-D R2Ωln3.3A
4WRE10-2× GP63-S-B R4.1Ωln2.6A
4WRE10-2× GP63-S-B R4.1Ωln2.6A
4WREE10-2X GP63-S-C R3. 7Ωln2.5A
4WRKE-3×(4WRAP6) GP37-S-A R2.7Ωln2A
DRE-6X GD45-S-A R5.50Ωln 1.6A


An example of the Rexroth valve matching with Kaidi threaded solenoids:

Rexroth valve 4WRA & 4WRAE

Rexroth valve 4WRA & 4WRAE. credit:

This is the 4WRA series Rexroth proportional valve. As you can see, the threaded solenoid is screwed into the valve opening on one end of the valve. For more information about this valve, please check their official website here: