The waterproof solenoid can be used in some harsh application environments.

The protection class can be as high as IP67 so that it can be used in the underwater application.

It can work with a temperature range of -40℃ – +150℃.

The mechanical life and electric life is up to 20 million and 10 million cycles.

The waterproof solenoid absolutely meets the ROHS requirements.

Below you can find the specifications of waterproof soelnoids:

waterproof solenoid model MFZ1237YCDTAMP
  • Type code: MFZ12-37YC DT/AMP
  • Size: dia. 45mm
  • Rated stroke: 2.8mm
  • Rated magnetic force: 37N
  • Rated power: 30W
  • Degree of enclosure: IP67
  • Temperature rating: H
onoff solenoid model MFZ12-90YCDTAMP
  • Type code: MFZ12-90YC DT/AMP
  • Size: dia. 63mm
  • Rated stroke: 4mm
  • Rated magnetic force: 90N
  • Rated power: 36-39W
  • Degree of enclosure: IP67
  • Temperature rating: H