Explosion-proof solenoid working principle

Explosion-proof solenoid is a device that used the hydraulic solenoid to enclosed the components that may ignite the explosive gas mixture in an housing, this housing can cause the inflammable mixture, which penetrate into interior through by the joint surface or the structure gap, explode in the interior without damages, and does not ignite the explosive atmosphere that made up of one or various types of gas out of the housing. Components that may generate spark, arcs, and dangerous temperatures are placed in the explosion-proof housing, and the housing can separate the interior space of the product from its surrounding environment.

Explosion-proof solenoid application

Explosion-proof solenoid can be applied to mining industry flameproof Exd I Mb environment and chemical industry flameproof Exd II CT4 environment. As the power element of the electromagnetic valve, explosion-proof solenoid is suitable for Rexroth valve and NG6 and NG10 directional valve of Yuken. Such the product adopts the introduction connection mode, connects the valve by the thread. In addition, it is easy to install and maintain, and the power is lower than the comparable products.

Explosion-proof solenoid product catalogue

Model Image Environment Dimensions Voltage Specification Rated Suction Rated Travel Rated Power PDF DOWNLOAD
DTBZ12-37FYC Explosion-proof Solenoid Explosion-proof-solenoid-actuator-DTBZ12-37FYC Exd I Mb

Exd II CT4

135*100*45 DC12, DC24, DC110, AC36, AC127, AC220 37 2.8 16.5
DTBZ12-90FYC Explosion-proof Solenoid  Explosion-proof-solenoid-actuator-DTBZ12-90FYC Exd I Mb

Exd II CT4

160*120*64 DC12, DC24, DC110, AC36, AC127, AC220 90 4 18
DTBZ10-37FYC Explosion-proof Solenoid  Explosion-proof-solenoid-actuator-DTBZ10-37 FYC Exd I Mb

Exd II CT4

110*45*100 DC12, DC24, DC36, AC36, AC127, AC220 37 2.8 22
DTBZ10-90FYC Explosion-proof Solenoid Explosion-proof-solenoid-actuator-DTBZ10-90FYC Exd I Mb

Exd II CT4

120*63*120 DC12, DC24, DC36, AC36, AC127, AC220 90 4 22


Stroke-force Curve

stroke-force curve

Shape & Installation Dimensions

Model Model
 DTBZ-37FYC Explosion-proof Solenoid DTBZ-37FYC DTBZ12-90FYC
DTBZ-90FYC Explosion-proof Solenoid DTBZ-90FYC DTBZ10-37FYC DTBZ10-37FYC
DTBZ12-37FYC Explosion-proof Solenoid  DTBZ12-37FYC DTBZ10-90FYC  DTBZ10-90FYC

Operating Notice

  1. Asking the professional to install it. Do not disassemble while the electricity is on, and pay attention to protect the flameproof surface.
  2. Don’t disassemble and change the internal parts, unauthorized disassemble it may cause the product can’t meet the requirement of explosion-proof.
  3. The power voltage used should be agreed with the voltage of the product, or it will burn the coil.