The solenoid coil is the main part of a solenoid. A solenoid consists of the coil, the tube, and the armature. Kaidi manufactures and supplies different types of solenoid coils for many hydraulic solenoid valves.

Kaidi sells solenoid coil that can be used for directional valves, proportional valves, cartridge valves, pumps and much more.

Solenoid coil function

The solenoid coils are largely used as a replacement part of the hydraulic solenoid valve. Each valve has its service lifetime, especially for the solenoid coil. There are cases when the solenoid coil is worn out, you will need to replace it with a new coil. But most of Kaidi’s clients are the factory owner. They manufacture the hydraulic solenoid valves with their own brand.  The hydraulic solenoid valve suppliers have a demand for solenoid coil in large volumes.  Kaidi supplies customized solenoid coil with different types and sizes as per the client’s requirements.

How to choose a suitable solenoid coil to buy?

Before selecting, you should be very clear about the various parameters of the solenoid coil. These parameters include:

Coil types: we supply class H, class F and class N.

Coil connections: coils with standard DIN 43650 connectors are our most sold products, but we also sell coils with other connector types. Please contact us with your requirements.

Coil voltages: we manufacture both AC and DC coils. The voltage ranges from 12v, 24v, to even 110v and 220v.

Solenoid valve brand: Kaidi has a long-term partnership with large valve brands. We are the supplier to the Rexroth solenoid valve, YUKEN valve, and Vickers valve. We offer customization services for other valve brands. Please leave us a message with your needs.

Solenoid coil and solenoid: If you are a valve manufacturer, we can not only supply solenoid parts, such as coil, tube, and armature separately; we can also supply the full coil assembly. Together with the valve fittings, you can make quality valves.

Solenoid coil products

Various solenoid coil types

The advantages of Kaidi solenoid coil

  1. The coil quality: we always keep it in mind that the quality of copper wire is so important to the coil that we only choose the top quality wire material. Our coil can work in an environment where the temperature is as high as 220 Celsius degree. The service time can reach 30,000 hours at most.
  2. The productivity capacity: instead of a dealer, Kaidi is a factory meaning that the quality is totally controlled by us. Each coil or solenoid is inspected thoroughly from every aspect before leaving the factory. For more information regarding quality inspection, please visit our quality control page. We make more than 6 million pieces of solenoid each year, which makes us a consistent supplier to our clients no matter they are large or small.
  3. The reputation: we take words from our clients seriously. That’s why we have all of our products and our factory certified by CE, UL, ISO, to name a few. We never disappointed any of our clients by quality, quantity, price or delivery time. So more than 100 clients from 20 counties can’t be wrong.

If you are looking for complete hydraulic solenoid assembly (includes solenoid coil and solenoid tubes) for hydraulic valves, you can find detail information on our website. Kaidi Electromagnet provides on-off solenoid assembly, proportional solenoid assembly, explosion-proof solenoid assembly, and custom solenoid assembly, etc.

solenoid coil for Rexroth vavle

solenoid coil for Rexroth valve

Current type: AC, DC

Voltage: 24v, 11v

Application: for Rexroth directional control valve

Size: NG6, NG10

YUKEN solenoid coil

solenoid coil for Yuken valve

 Current type: AC, DC

Voltage: 12v, 24v, 100v, 110v, 120v, 200v, 220v

Application: for YUKEN directional control valve, DSG-01 Series, DSG-03 Series

Size: NG6, NG10

Connector type: DIN43650, plug in, amp junior timer, deutsch

solenoid coil for Eaton Vickers valve

solenoid coil for Vickers valve

 Current type: AC, DC

Voltage: 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 115v, 230v

Application: for Vickers hydraulic valve

Size: NG6, NG10

Connector type: DIN43650, Deutsch, Amp, etc.