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Connecting methods of solenoid valve include gasket-mounted, direct-mounted, Integrated and flanged connection. The gasket-mounted connection is easy to disassemble. There is no need to disassemble the pipe in the maintenance, which is important for complex gas path system. The direct-mounted connection is mostly applied to the simple gas path system or the system equipped with quick couplings. The flanged connection is used to the solenoid valve with large size, like the size32 solenoid valve. The size is an important standard for solenoid valve and relative solenoid, common sizes include 6, 10, 12 and etc.

Gasket-mounted connection

Plate valve is one kind of solenoid valve like solenoid directional valve. Each hydraulic fluid port is installed on the same side of plate valve, there are also screw holes on the surface. Use the screw to fix plate valve to interconnector (junction plate and manifold block). Gasket-mounted connection has several advantages, such as easy to replace the element, good to the pipe, and good to concentrated layout of valve.

Direct-mounted connection

Solenoid valve with screw is usually called direct-mounted connection. Use screwed pipe connector to connect fluid port of direct-mounted valve and pipe. The fluid port is fixed on the pipe. The direct-mounted connection is applied to the solenoid valve with the small flow and small size. The advantages of direct-mounted connection include easy connection, easy layout, and clear structure of fluid port. The disadvantages of direct-mounted connection include the separated layout of element, large space occupied, more connector and complicated pipes, hard to maintenance.

Integrated connection

For solenoid valve, the integrated connection is a new type of connection based on the gasket-mounted connection. It makes pipe simple, reduces the proportion of space, and simplifies installation. In a word, the integrated connection generally applies for complex gas path systems. Integrated connection means install solenoid valve and pneumatic control valve on the interconnector. The interconnector provides same air supply line and exhaust line for all valves.

According to the assembly structure, the integrated connection can be divided into integrated type, modular type, common diagram type and other types. Integrated plate usually adopts aluminum alloy.

Integrated type

It has simple internal gas way structure, less area, compact structure, low cost and fixed amount of valves. Outlet A or B is usually settled on the top or side of the Integrated plate.

Modular type

It includes a group of modularly integrated plates. All integrated plates are connected by the screws, and these plates can be grouped into pneumatic circuit according to the amount of valve and circuit structure.

Common diagram type

It has plug-in multi-core amphenol connector for wiring. The solenoid valve can have connection with outside through these amphenol connectors. There are two kinds of connection mode for the solenoid and integrated plate including the lead type and plug-in type. You can choose proper connection mode according to your needs. The common diagram type has the features of simple wiring, clean appearance, and convenient maintenance.

Flanged connection

The flanged connection is used in the flange connecting valve. It uses the screw through the screw hole to connect the flange on the bottom of the pipe. In general, flanged connection applies for pipe system with large flow and large size, especially for more than 32 size solenoid valve.

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