24v solenoid

24 v solenoid

The 24v solenoid is used in solenoid valves which are widely used in a car. To be specific, you will find solenoid valves in carbon tank, the electromagnetic fuel injector, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), the exhaust gas recycling system and in the automatic transmission.

Solenoid valve for carbon tank

The carbon tank solenoid valve is a part of the fuel evaporation control system (EVAP), the gasoline evaporation system is as follows.

EVAP system in automobile

EVAP system in automobile

1-fuel tank cover; 2-fuel tank; 3-single direction valve; 4-pipeline; 5-electromagnetic valve; 6-throttle valve; 7-intake valve; 8-vacuum valve; 9-vacuum control valve; 10-fixed discharge hole; 11-carbon tank;

The working principle: the evaporated gasoline enters into the upper half of the carbon tank (11) via the single valve (3). While the air enters into the lower part of the carbon tank to clean the active carbon. There is a fixed discharge hole (10) at the top right of the carbon tank as well as a vacuum control valve. The degree of the vacuum is controlled by the electromagnetic valve (5). When the motor is running, the ECU controls the electromagnetic valve according to the signals of running speed, temperature and air volume. The degree of vacuum of vacuum control valve is regulated so that the discharge valve opens accordingly.

Electromagnetic fuel injector (EFI)

The fuel injector is the main part in EFI. The fuel supply system consists of fuel tank, electric fuel pump, filter,  fuel pulsation damper, fuel pressure adjustor, fuel injector, cold start fuel injector and pipelines. Its function is to supply the needed fuel precisely to the motor.

Main technical parameters

Model MFZ4-10Y MFZ4-40Y
Rated Voltages (v) 12 or 24 26
Operating Frequency (T/h) 7200 3600
Rated Force (N) ≥10 ≥40
Rated Stroke (mm) 1.5 1.5
Consumed Power (W) ≤14 ≤35

Dimension diagram

24v solenoid dimensions

24v solenoid dimensions

24v solenoid dimension section view