Kaidi supplies on-off solenoid and proportional solenoid for directional control valve, matching Rexroth type, YUKEN, Vickers hydraulic system and Taiwan brands. Our factory has an annual productivity of 6,000,000 pieces. The products are sold in more than 20 countries: UK, Italy, Germany, Russia, etc. The main products are AC & DC hydraulic solenoids with voltage of 12v, 24v, 110v, and 220v. Customization service is available. Factory direct sale. An ISO, UL and CE certified supplier.

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on-off solenoid actuator

On-off Solenoid

Hydraulic solenoid for Rexroth type, YUKEN, Vickers directional control valves with the size of NG6 and NG10. Advanced technology from Germany. Long service life.  AC, DC available.

proportional solenoid actuator

Proportional Solenoid

Various hydraulic solenoids  for hydraulic proportional valves, over-flow valves, and servo valves, etc. They can be used in AC & DC 12v or 24v hydraulic proportional control systems.

explosive-proof solenoid

Explosion-proof Solenoid

Hydraulic solenoid for hydraulic explosive-proof valve under flameproof Exd I Mb environment and flameproof Exd II CT4 explosive gas environment in mining and chemical industry.

displacement sensor

Displacement Sensor

Inductive linear displacement sensors is a special solenoid, it features in high-frequency response, long service life, good repeatability and high-pressure resistance.

different solenoid coil assembly

Hydraulic Solenoid Coil Assembly

Kaidi also supplies quality solenoid coil. We provide different types of coil, including class H, class F and class N type. For coil connectors, DIN 43650 standard is available. Different voltage conditions are optional from 12v to 220v. All coils manufactured by Kaidi are certified by CE, UL, ISO. Global known reputation is the best quality guarantee.

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Who We Are

About Kaidi

AnYang Kaidi electromagnetic technology co., ltd. is a leading supplier of DC wet-valve solenoid, AC wet-valve solenoid, proportional solenoid, explosion-proof solenoid, special solenoid, displacement sensors, solenoid coil, etc. At present, the company’s technical level, manufacturing scale and testing method are all staying ahead of China. We are certified with ISO9001, ISO 14001, GB/T28001,CE and UL.

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ISO14001 certified solenoid supplier
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More About Hydraulic Solenoid

First of all, a hydraulic solenoid is NOT a hydraulic solenoid valve, they are completely different products.

A hydraulic solenoid is basically a piece of iron core (called the armature) wounded by a coil that is electromagnetically inducted. While the electricity is passing through the coil, it generates a magnetic field, and the magnetic field creates a directional force. By utilizing the force, the hydraulic solenoid can realize the movement of push, pull and even move proportionally.

So a hydraulic solenoid can be used for control, for example, the on and off of a hydraulic solenoid valve and a hydraulic solenoid pump.

Kaidi supplies professional designed hydraulic solenoid, especially used for hydraulic valves. Our products have been used in the world-famous valve brand, such as Rexroth, Yuken, and Vickers. We also provide customization solution no matter which valve brand you are using. If you are valve manufacture, you definitely want to contact with us to talk about the hydraulic solenoid supply project. Our highly cost-effective products can meet your needs.

We provide various types of hydraulic solenoids, including on-off solenoid, proportional solenoid, and explosion-proof solenoid. These solenoids can be used in a wide range of applications, such as cartridge solenoid valve, directional valve, vehicles, and agricultural machinery, etc.