As one of the largest solenoid suppliers in China, we manufacture proportional solenoid, on-off solenoid, explosion-proof solenoid and displacement sensors, etc. Below are the pictures of our hydraulic solenoids manufacturing factory and processing workshop.

kaidi solenoid factory solenoid factory solenoid factory solenoid workshop

Kaidi solenoids for hydraulics have been exported to many countries abroad, such as: Germany, Italy, Singapore, Finland, the Philippines, Ukraine, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa, Britain, Russia, Syria, Chile, India, Turkey, Ukraine, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, UK, Russia, Syria, Chile, India, Turkey and Indonesia, etc. Kaidi solenoid products have won wide popularity and good reputation among customers all around the world mainly thanks to its high quality. This is mainly because of our comprehensive and strict quality control. We test each hydraulic solenoid product during manufacturing process to ensure its high quality, excellent performance and long service life. And the main hydraulic solenoid testing machines are as the following:

core tube assembly line core tube impulse testing for core tube impulse testing machine
core tube assembly line core tube impulse test of core tube impulse testing machine
coil quality test coil wire winding responsive testing machine response time chart
 coil quality test machine  coil wire winding  response testing machine  response time chart
vibration test vibration test mold injection machine coil injection
 vibration testing machine  vibration test  injection molding machine  injection coil


Quality Solenoid Coil Materials

We have high standard on the raw material for making solenoid coil. Our copper magnet wire can be matched with any type of magnet wire available. Temperature ranges up to 220 C are typical.  Our production equipment can produce coils using any guage from 11 down to 50, and produce them to the most exacting requirements.

solenoid coilsolenoid coil welding

Quality solenoid coils have high temperature resistance and strong wear resistance. Each coil wire is fixed by a single heat shrinkable tube to avoid damage caused by the friction between moving wire and circular pipe during usage.

Solenoid Coil Production Process

In the manufacturing process, special attention is paid to the special soldering parts to guarantee strength of the solenoid coil wire.

Solenoid Coil Test

Coil test mainly contains tests for resistance and conductor strength. The resistance is controlled by the source. The tolerance range is plus or minus 5% in the production of self-adhesive coil winding process. The strength test of conductor wire is realized by a professional 1kg tensile test.

Customized Hydraulic Solenoids Development

Apart from the quality control and tests above, we also have strict controls on the design and development procedure stage of customized hydraulic solenoid products.

  1. During the R&D stage, our engineer designs the hydraulic solenoid drawing according to the requirements of customer or market. All the solenoid drawings will be confirmed and approved by the customers before production.
  2. Next is the SAMPLE stage. We will produce solenoid samples and test all of the required performances, such as electric performance, head loss performance, on-off testing, opening and closing time testing and pressuring reducing testing, etc. What’s more, we will send the solenoid sample and testing report if the customer requires.
  3. Then comes the TRIAL PRODUCTION stage. Trail production of small number of hydraulic solenoids should be carried out to further verify the processibility of solenoid coil and effectiveness of design amendment after prototype production.
  4. DOCUMENTATION stage is after the three stages above. We design all the documents before mass production including the SOP & SIP & BOM Form & Control Plan, etc.

With more than 60 years professional experience in manufacturing and selling hydraulic solenoids, we supply high quality product, strict solenoid soil quality control together with excellent services like warranty, customization, and OEM.

  • Quality warranty: 1-year warranty promised. FREE exchange for defected products.
  • Customization Service: We offer customization service based on customer’s demands. Customization can be from design to fabrication and from installation to personnel training.
  • OEM service is also available: You can count on us to enjoy your own branding. You will be satisfied like lots of our old customers.