custom solenoid

As a professional solenoid manufacturer, Kaidi specializes in designing and manufacturing ideal solenoid that directly fit your hydraulic system. Except for hydraulic solenoids for Rexroth, Yuken directional control valve, proportional solenoid, explosion-proof solenoid, we can customize unique solenoid for your applications. Simply, we can not only provide high-quality solenoid but customize personalized solution based on different needs.

These aspects below are for your reference.

solenoid applications


Our solenoid is mainly used for Rexroth and Yuken on-off valve, proportional valve, explosion-proof valve. Besides, our product applies for a number of mobile hydraulics:

  • Construction and agricultural machinery
  • Forest technology
  • Wind, oil & gas
  • Trucks
  • Municipal technology
  • Industrial applications (injection molding machines, tooling machines, etc.)
AC or DC solenoid


Kaidi can customize solenoids apply for various kinds of connectors, such as:

  • DIN 43650
  • AMP Junior
  • Simple Lead
  • FLYING Lead
  • Other customized connectors
solenoid connectors

Voltage & AC or DC

We can customize wide ranges of voltage for solenoid, including

  • 12V
  • 24V
  • 110V
  • 220V

For all custom solenoids, AC and DC are both available.

custom for branded solenoid valves

Branding Customization

We are the regular solenoid supplier for following brands:

We also provide solenoid solutions for hydraulic valve or pump of other brands.

Based on the advanced production equipment and technology, we focus on giving every client a perfect solenoid solution. If you have any needs of the custom solenoid, welcome to contact, buy solenoids with cheap price from Kaidi will be your best choice!