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Looking for a suitable solenoid valve for your hydraulic system? As we all know, the solenoid valve is an automatic basic part for control the fluid. According to the applications, solenoid valve can be divided into on-off solenoid valve, proportional solenoid valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve, water-proof solenoid valve and etc. For different uses, hydraulic solenoid valve needs various kinds of forms like plug-in type and lead type.

The plug-in type solenoid valve means that the electrical connecting of the solenoid valve is plug-in type. In another word, the solenoid valve can be started or closed through a plug-in connector to connect electricity.

The lead type solenoid valve refers to the power line is drawn from the solenoid coil connector. The lead type is more applicable to the explosion-proof solenoid valve.

For comparing two different types of solenoid valve, we pick up plug-in type and lead type from a branded solenoid valve.

Plug-in solenoid valve

Plug-in solenoid valve consists of plug and plug base. In general, the plug is square and the plug base is cube or cylinder. Clients can choose suitable type as their own needs. The connector is the important parts of the plug-in solenoid valve, and it has advantages of safety, reliability, and applicability. The connector is usually processed by six factors, such as pipeline parameter, liquid parameter, pressure parameters, electrical parameter, the manner of execution and other requirements.

Plug-in type solenoid valve specification

Plug: 2+PE/3+PE

Connecting method: screw type

Section: 20.34mm2(min, AWG22)

Cable Diameter: 6-8mm/8-10mm

Enclosure protection class: IP65

Temperature: +120℃; -30℃

Measuring current(40℃): 1A, 2A, 10A

Cable plug: PA (UL94HB)

Applications: it is widely applied into lot of fields, including the sensor, detecting instrument, electronic instruments, electronic engineering, communication, aviation, navigation, computers, LED Light and industrial automation.

Common plug-in types include L, M and DIN type. L and M are mainly different in the direction of the plug. DIN is designed by the DIN standard of German. DIN connector is generally equipped inside the solenoid valve.

Lead type solenoid valve

Generally, there are three leads of lead type solenoid valve. Based on the electricity, the solenoid valve can be classified into AC solenoid valve and DC solenoid valve.

According to different voltages, AC solenoid valve has various voltage classes, such as AC 220V, 380V, 110V, 24V. Two of the three leads stands for the power line, other lead is the ground electrode, which is used to protect the solenoid valve. It is indicated by PE with color of yellow and green.

DC solenoid valve also can be divided into different voltage classes like DC 24V, 110V, 220V. Just like AC type, two of three stands for the power line, the other one is the ground electrode for protection.

The lead of solenoid valve is drawn from solenoid coil and it directly connects to the external terminal. The length of lead is optional, 300mm and 600mm included.

Comparison of plug-in type and lead type solenoid valve

After learning the basic specifications of two types of solenoid valve, you may have a confusion: how to select the suitable one in the practical application? In general, small-scale solenoid valve adopts lead type or L and M plug-in type; for large-scale solenoid valve, the lead type or DIN plug solenoid valve will be more suitable.


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